Deborah Steinberg
Writer, teacher, editor



M.A., English Literature, Université Michel Montaigne – Bordeaux III, October 2005
B.A., Creative Writing and Literature, Bard College, May 2000                  
TEFL Certification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), New World Teachers, 1999

Current Positions

Fiction Editor, Rivet: The Journal of Writing That Risks, San Francisco, CA, 2014-present
Writing Workshop Facilitator, Heal Write, San Francisco, CA, 2013-present
Founding Editor, Red Bridge Press, San Francisco, CA, 2012-present


Fiction and Prose Poetry
“A Certain Synesthesia,” Necessary Fiction, February, 2015
“Red Comfort Eating,” sPARKLE+bLINK, #61, January, 2015
“From Dark Ridge,” The Red Line, December, 2014
“Study in Wine and Stone,” Minerva Rising, December, 2014
“And the Other Pretty Girls,” Writing Without Walls, July, 2014
“Pain Map” and “The High Wind,” The Healing Art of Writing Volume II, University of California  Medical Humanities Press, 2014
“Three Common Ghosts,” Monkeybicycle, December, 2013
“Balcony,” Blood and Thunder, November, 2013
“Sorceresses,” Shelflife, #15, July, 2012
“Carnage,” “Electric Pink,” and “Eclipse,” The Cafe Irreal, #42, May, 2012
“In the Mountains,” The East Bay Monthly, December, 2011
“Labyrinth,” Blood and Thunder, November, 2011
“Exciting Careers With GovCorp!,” ERG: A ‘Zine About Work, 2011
“Slaughterhouse,” sparkle & blink, 2:0, 2011
“Before the War,” Ms. Guided, 1:3, 2008

Writing That Risks: New Work from Beyond the Mainstream, Red Bridge Press, 2013 (editor)
Louis Liard Magazine, quarterly, 2003-2008 (founding editor and publisher)
From Gram to Mind: Grammar and Cognition, Jean-Rémi Lapaire, Presses Universitaires de Bordeaux, France, Bordeaux, France, 2007 (copy editor)
Grammar In Motion, Jean-Rémi Lapaire, Hachette Livres, Bordeaux, France, 2005 (assistant editor)

Professional Experience

Director of Artist Services, WomenArts, San Francisco, CA, 2008-2013

Instructor of English as a Foreign Language

Seattle Central Community College, Seattle, WA, 2008
Kaplan English Programs, Seattle, WA, 2007-2008
Private Tutor, Bordeaux, France, and Seattle, WA, 2000-2008
ENSCPB (Bordeaux Graduate School of Chemistry and Physics), Bordeaux, France, 2004-2007
ENSEIRB (Bordeaux Graduate School of Engineering), Bordeaux, France, 2003-2006
Institut Bernom, Bordeaux, France, 2002-2003

English Language Teaching Assistant

Lycée Alfred Kastler, Bordeaux, France, 2002-2003
Lycée Jean Renou, La Réole, France, 2000-2002


Singer/Songwriter/Keyboard Player, 2002-present.
I have given over 350 concert performances with the following groups:

Conspiracy of Venus, San Francisco, CA, 2008-present
Ladies of the House, San Francisco, CA, spring 2011
Backlit, San Francisco, CA, 2008-2011
Dollars, Bordeaux, France, 2006-2007
Deborah, Bordeaux, France, 2002-2007
Jon Smith, Bordeaux, France, 2002-2007

Studio Albums

Undercover Presents, A Tribute to Pixies’ Doolittle, Porto Franco Records, San Francisco, CA, 2011 (vocals)
Deborah, Iconography of the Outlaw, Odette Productions, Bordeaux, France, 2007 (lyrics, compositions, vocals)
Jon Smith, Les Oiseaux Migrateurs, Odette Productions, Bordeaux, France, 2007 (vocals)
People On Holiday, Is It a New Gnu?, Odette Productions, Bordeaux, France, 2005 (lyrics, vocals)
Jon Smith, Arrogance, Odette Productions, Bordeaux, France, 2005 (vocals)
Deborah, Lines, Odette Productions, Bordeaux, France, 2004 (lyrics, compositions, vocals)
Jon Smith, Best Of, Odette Productions, Bordeaux, France, 2003 (vocals)


Grammar In Motion (Pedagogical DVD), Jean-Rémi Lapaire, Hachette Livres, Bordeaux, France, 2006


Treasurer of the Board and Music Coordinator, Bay Area Generations: A Reading Series for the Ages, San Francisco, CA, 2014-present
Founding Member and Chair, Bordeaux Anglophone Writers’ Workshop, Bordeaux, France, 2003-2007


Native English speaker
Fluent in spoken and written French

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