Photo: CM Howard

Photo: CM Howard

I am a writer whose fiction and prose poetry explore themes of healing, the body, gender, and what it’s like to live without wings in a post-apocalyptic society. My short work is published in literary journals, and I am seeking representation for my speculative fiction novel, Splitting The Wind. I serve as Fiction Editor at Rivet: The Journal of Writing That Risks and I am co-editor, with Liana Holmberg, of the anthology Writing That Risks: New Work from Beyond the Mainstream, published July, 2013 by Red Bridge Press, where I am a founding editor. I hold a B.A. in Creative Writing and Literature from Bard College and an M.A. in English Literature from the Université Michel Montaigne – Bordeaux III, where my thesis explored the intersection of literature and medicine. I spent seven years teaching English and singing in bands in Bordeaux, France. Now based in San Francisco, I facilitate creative writing workshops with a focus on healing through Heal Write and work as a freelance editor. I also serve on the board of the Bay Area Generations reading series and sing in the a cappella group Conspiracy of Venus.

Upcoming Readings and Performances

March 7, 2015 – singing with Conspiracy of Venus at The Starry Plough in Berkeley
April 16, 2015 – reading for Under the Influence at The Emerald Tablet in San Francisco

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